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Multifaceted Creative Expertise

My name is Kamil Kuklewski. I’ve been doing filmmaking for the last 10 years, both as a director, production manager, filmmaker, video editor.

A Passionate Filmmaker
For the past decade, I have been deeply immersed in the world of filmmaking, taking on various roles such as a music video director, filmmaker, and video editor.
Collaborative Creations
in helping my clients grow on the internet, I use modern web technologies to build great looking websites and applications
Embracing Digital Growth
Building Powerful Online Presence with Cutting-Edge Solutions
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In what services can I help you?

Web Development

From creating responsive and visually appealing websites to building full-scale web applications, I can help you establish a strong online presence and achieve your business goals. I'm experienced in Figma, and also well-versed in the Next.js framework, which enables me to build fast and efficient web applications that scale seamlessly.

3D design work

3D design using tools like Blender and Python programming language. I also have experience creating engaging animations using After Effects and JavaScript. From simple motion graphics to complex character animations, I'm confident in my ability to bring ideas to life through motion and storytelling.


With a decade of experience in filmmaking, I can bring your ideas to life through creative storytelling, professional cinematography, and engaging visual narratives. Transform your raw footage into polished videos that captivate your audience.

Web Development

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A web application for trading virtual items with a cryptocurrency-like market system, offering users a seamless experience for buying and selling items.

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AI Cam

AI Cam is a state-of-the-art camera that uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust its settings based on the environment its in.

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A user-friendly ticket selling application with an intuitive interface, designed to facilitate quick and easy ticket purchases for various events and venues.

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Medical Landing page

A professional and engaging landing page for a medical company, showcasing their products and services while highlighting their commitment to patient care.

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An e-commerce platform offering a wide range of retail products, simplifying the shopping experience with personalized recommendations and streamlined checkout processes.

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To facilitate the e-commerce functionality, I integrated a secure payment gateway to ensure that customers payment information was protected.Additionally, I developed a custom CMS(Content Management System) that allowed the client to easily manage product listings, pricing, and inventory.

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